Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Here is my attempt for this month. I was not very inspired, the view is so perfect...


  1. "Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles à propos de mon collage. Votre tableau de Lake Louise est aussi beau, surtout les montagnes. Je vois que nous sommes tous les deux comme le violet et de pourpre, les sommets des montagnes. Il me surprend toujours quand je reçois des commentaires de l'Europe, l'Amérique du Sud, dans le monde entier. C'est comme être célèbre! Je ne parle pas français, mais j'ai utilisé \"Google Translate.\" Est-il judicieux?"

  2. It is amazing!
    Until the end, I was very impressed by your french, the translation is very good, you can go on using it, if need be!
    Yes, in many of my paintings I use the purple.
    Thanks for your comment, and bravo for your blog!

  3. I agree, the purp;e you used is very effective in the mountains. Nice job!

  4. Terrific job. You captured the feel spot on. This from a local.
    Thanks so much for the view.

  5. I had the same feeling as you, that the reference was so beautiful and perfect that it was hard to improve on. Your version turned out lovely and does the reference perfect justice.


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