Sunday, July 22, 2012

Snow in Winnipeg

oil on paper 2,5"x3,5"

It was a very small painting,  for DPW, after Lemoine Fitzgerald.It's a cityscape, in fact in Winnipeg, where this painter spent his whole life, and he was one of the Group of Seven. We are here at 3 hours from Winnipeg, where my husband was born, and we spent 3 lovely summer months every year ;when we had our connection at Montreal airport from France, 3 people, at different security points, asked us:But, leaving near Bordeaux, why on earth do you go to Winnipeg?Apparently, it's not very popular, I suppose because the very low climate conditions in winter.So, painting a ACEO it's a quite tricky thing, but not unpleasant!
C'est une très petite peinture, comme sujet de cette semaine sur DPW.C'est peint d'après Lemoine FItzgerald, un paysage de Winnipeg, Manitoba, où il a passé toute sa vie, et il était un des group of Seven.Nous sommes ici à 3h de route de Winnipeg, et lorsque nous avons changé d'avion à Montréal, en provenance de France, 3 personnes à des points de sécurité différents, étaient curieux de savoir pourquoi nous allions à Winnipeg.Sous-entendu:il n'y a rien à faire là-bas!Je dois dire que mon mari est né là, et nous avons des liens dans cette région, nous passons tous les ans nos 3 mois d'été ici, au lac des Bois, où nous avons nos amis depuis longtemps. Donc, peindre sur une surface si petite n'était pas une mince affaire, mais pas désagréable!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday cake

oil on board 6"x6"

Well,of course, it could be a sunday cake here, on the other side of the Atlantic , but this one is from France. We have been arrived for fifteen days now,and I needed this time to adapt, and begin to paint.So, it is a picture I had taken with me ans started to paint before.Here, I have my Artisans water mixing oil , it's not the same thing as the other ones.

The colours are nice, but the behaviour of the brushes not!So, I have to be patient and I hope it will come more easily...We have no power here, and our Internet connection is note regular.In the next days I'll put some pictures of our summer cottage.
So, have a nice Sunday!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's your name?

oil on board 6" x'4"

This little shi tzu dog  was looking very intensely to Sabine's cat,our teacher in the painting studio where I used to go once a week, in Bordeaux, this year.I had to kneel very low to take the picture, and she was so cute, I suppose she had a new haircut.