Monday, July 19, 2010


Those Little cherries were painted yesterday, just after  our arrival here, on the Lake;
I  had to buy them , at Safeway, in town, our Internet connection was not activated, and I had not the reference picture;I painted them in the afternoon, and had trouble with the shadows, after a while, of course,they changed, because it was a very sunny the beginning, the shadows were weaker than the cherries, but at the end, completely the opposite;it's a lesson, nextime I won't paint a still life outdoors.
I am not sure the photo is as good as usual, but I ‘d like to participe to the Rookie Painter challenge!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Oil on canvas board 5X7
Very soon, we are going to navigate on the Lake of the Woods, and I have to remind me of the way to join our island!this year, I had to pass my boat license,I was able to have the examination on Internet, but they forgot to send the  card to my home, in france, so I only have temporary one, waiting for the right one in a few weeks.
Hope I won’t be arrested!