Thursday, April 21, 2011


This week, the DPW  challenge proposed a choice of 3 color schemes: complementary, split-complementary or triadic
oil on canvas 10"x12"
. Ok, I can understand, for the complementary, but split-complementary, triadic?No.
After several researches, several readings, I chose one,so,  I painted, and once it was done, I realised  that I'd chosen another one, which was not requested, the analogous scheme- colors following on the wheel-in my case, green, green-yellow and yellow.
And here is the result.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cross swords

oil on canvas 6"x6"
 This painting was done for PADT  challenge.
For once, I gave a new try to my Artisan  water mixable oils.
When I begun  painting with oil (late 2009), I used them, but was not satisfied, and bought "normal" oil painting.
This time, I was quite glad with Artisan, but I have not a very large amount of colors, so it's restricting, but it was ok for the cherries!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road trip

oil on canvas paper 6"x8"
 This was the second landscape  proposed by Carol Marine for her  previous DPW challenge.It was another study about the greens, mainly with phtalo green (I have a huge tube), light yellow, indigo.I painted it with brushes first, then with a knife. The moment I took the picture, the left side on the bottom was not quite dry, due to the thickness of the paint…

Monday, April 11, 2011

Where are the girls?

This was painted for the weekly  DPW challenge.I used my own picture of a rooster in my neighbourhood I took the other day.Michèle & Hervé bought it recently, because they lost 1 of their  4 hens ,which was run over by a car when it crossed without care, the little road , where they live.Arsène, the rooster, is now there present to keep them from their frivolity, and it works!  It's a Sussex type.

Friday, April 8, 2011

After having plodded along for ages…

oil on board 8"x10"
 It was painted for DPW challenge of this week.I wanted to do a quick painting, and, as often, I reworked, and reworked..
As I wanted to use several purples ( I am usually inclined to give this color to  my roads ) , I did a golden acrylic under painting.I changed a lot of times the trees in the background: at the beginning they were too strong, then too pale…I wanted to use a recipe with French ultramarine, violet, viridian, white, before noticing at the end that my green was not a viridian(which is an equal combination of blue and green), so the result was not what I expected.
My(other) bête noire was the tree in the foreground, I have to learn about those trees!
In  any case, I had fun to paint that.