Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ontario peaches

oil on canvas board 6"X6"
I started to paint those peaches this morning, the  last day to post it to Rookie Painter;I had bought 3 peaches at the market, but only 2 hold on this small plate.I was in the verandah, there are not windows, only screens;after a while, 2 people paddling in a canoe hailed and whistled  for help;when we got down, it was in fact a small motorboat with gas missing…
A moment later, suddenly, a storm came;for 20mn everything was upside down,wind, rain, I was obliged to put inside peaches, brushes, paint…
When I was able to put again my painting on the easel, of course the shadows were not the same, I did not remember the place of the peaches… Pictures are so convenient!
Maybe it’s not finish, but it will be the object of another painting…


I painted this for ADNW with pleasure, but I don’t know why, I had to struggle with the snapshot,and the result is not quite good.Well, there was also some distortion, because I have to paint after my screen(here, I have not a printer), and it is hard, in a sense, when I’d wanted to enlarge it, a part was missing, and so on..The more difficult for me was that left light.But I liked the yellow color.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So,we would come from the same branch?

oil on canvasboard 6"x6"
This one was painted for Paint & Draw Together 's August challenge., I like to think they could be people wondering if they are from the same dynasty and coming from the same branch on the fig tree.

Monday, August 23, 2010


pen on paper 8X8in
H. is a charming Briton woman who has been living in Winnipeg for about 30 years;she owns a nice cottage  high perched on a small rocky island, not far away from ours, on the lake.I have to say that for 20 years there was no cottage at all,(she slept in a tent) until the day she met a bear face to face, and decided to have a solid roof!
I took this picture when she came for dinner , and drew it by on a stormy day.
When it was our turn to go to hers, the lake was completely raging, I thought we were on the Titanic,maybe it was my last day, by miracle we could arrive and land, and by the way offer her the drawing, .

Thursday, August 5, 2010


5 X 7 in Oil on canvasboard

In my retreat, I don’t paint so much.We had’nt running water for 18 days, so many things had to be done inside in priority, our Internet connexion was low, but everything is getting better, now.I can watch your painters’ blogs, and sometimes it is hard to leave a comment, so don’t be offended, I don’t forget you!