Thursday, March 26, 2009


Acrylic on plywood 9x16

In spite of my yesterday's eye surgery, I was glad to be able to finish this painting on time!
It is for VSD March challenge.I would like to paint a more elaborate background, but what to do?I prefer stopping for the moment.

It is like the reservoir with birdseeds, that Alan , my husband,installed and filled regularly(even more) throughout the winter, to feed our young disadvantaged friends.This knack is in front of the window of the dining room..Birds drop many seeds down, he was in order a huge tuft of grass, obviously it is a good manure!!But one morning, I had breakfast, and that do I see, under the guard eating? a big rat, of the size of a hamster, who ran, without hurrying, towards a gallery that he had just dug at the foot of the tuft of grass, to feed without getting tired! If I understood well, of course, it is the seeds which interest him!

information taken on Internet, it is about a fieldmouse, pest.Ma first reaction had been to think, "oh, of a nice small animal", but not, she transmits serious diseases to the man, and eats bushes by the root, and increases fast.But there is a continuation, it will be for the next time...Published by SYLVIANE at address 12:03 Publié par SYLVIANE à l'adresse 12:03
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  1. Lovely painting. I hope you surgery went well.

  2. I really like the deep red of the bird on the right

  3. thanks for your comments, it is very kind.

  4. Sylviane, your little red birds are beautiful. The background looks like fresh snow.


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