Monday, May 18, 2009

rush hour

Acrylic on panel 8X9

Posted by PicasaThis is my version of Madison Avenue,New York City, last challenge of DSFDF.
I went just for once to NYC, in March, 1990, and it was chilly, the same kind of weather they had for this picture, I suppose.
It is my first cityscape, and expected it would be hard to have the buildings straight!And it is!
So, I thought afterwards it was wiser to crop
the sky...


  1. I like how you cropped the picture down. I now wish that I had. :-)

    I also have looked at your other works and like what you are dong.

    Ken B.

  2. I love the blue and yellow contrast you did . I think i was trying to do that in a stronger fashion.
    Great piece !

  3. I like this! I like your cropping and your use of complimentary colors.

  4. Very nicely done! The play of primaries is very enticing, and I especially like the blue, which suggests a beautiful sky way up above the buildings somewhere.

  5. I just love this piece. I am sure you are glad you started to paint. You have such talent. Thanks for following my blog! I have started painting again after a few years of taking off after the loss of my dear mother. Glad to have the obsession again.


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