Thursday, April 15, 2010


P1010012It is not a painting!
this is a test to check  the image,having problems with Blogger on old posts, where the images have disappeared.
It's not my car, I took this picture some days ago, in the neighbourhood, it's was on sale.You have to be small and thin to go in, but it's a nice car, it's a 4cv Renault, I suppose from the 1960.


  1. Thank you for your recent visit to Dimples & Dragonflies. Pleased to visit you as well. Your work is absolutely lovely! Pop over studio door is always open!

    Blessings, Joy and Thursday Sunshine, Terri Smith

  2. A month or two ago, I "lost" photos from my blog. I was able to put them back - thank goodness I had copies backed up! I never did learn what happened.

    I like the car! I'm short but not very thin - maybe if I could suck in my tummy . . . ? :-) Maybe this could be a painting?

    Ken B.

  3. Thanks, Terri & Ken!
    Sure, I was thinking about painting the car, I like the color.
    About the pictures, I sent a mail to Blogger, for asking them for help.I am waiting with hope..

  4. Sylviane, love the kettle painting. The way you handled the shiny surface and made it look so believable is really good! and thank you for visiting my blog I greatly appreciate your comment!

  5. I love this Renault. Some friends of mine had one in San Francisco in 1963, We loved to drive it around. I wished they still were here.


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