Wednesday, April 14, 2010

chocolate bar

oil on board 5x6in
This is the kind of sweet I loved, for example before catching a train, buying one at the railway's station, gare de l'est or Montparnasse, in Paris, for years and years..Being guilty each time, after, promising to myself it was the last time..
Now, I don't have a glance on those perfid things.Anyway, I don't often take the train ...!
This painting was for Calypso Moon Artist Movement, running by Alice Thompson.


  1. Perfide!

    it looks delicious.

    I think I need to take the train!

  2. Oh my. Tooth marks. It looks chewy and wonderful.

  3. I'd be wanting to take the train just so I could stop and get one of these delicacies. This looks so rich and creamy, and so tasty!

  4. I forgot to include my compositinal critique on your painting, Sylviane. I think painting a single item on a canvas is quite challenging - placement of the object, values and brushwork are critical in making the painting successful.
    In your painting, my eye is immediately drawn to the lower right portion of the candy bar where there is a sharp contrast in value from the creamy white filling of the candy. then follows the curved dark shape under the bar back to the other side of the canvas. The colors and brushstrokes on the top of the chocolate bar continue my journey through your painting.
    I like the contrast of the cool grey-blue at the bottom of the canvas. It anchors the painting, and provides a nice rest for the eye.
    You've successfully kept my eye within the painting, kept my interest, and made me want to go get some chocolate!

  5. using the complements was a great color choice. Yummy!

  6. I, too, did not add my compositional critique. So...
    Claire's comment about a single object is so true, it is challenging. I'm glad you painted the bar the full width of the canvas with one side touching the edge of the canvas. It's much better to fill the canvas which you have done. I think you could have gone further, letting more off the canvas with a tighter shot of the bar, making an open composition. My eye first goes to the strongest contrast in the bar, the lines in the middle (where you even painted in the teeth marks!). The curve brings my eye around to the top. The complementary colors are balancing and successful. Kudos to you!

  7. Thank you Sylviane for your submission and for finishing the assignment. Better late, than never.


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