Monday, July 5, 2010


Oil on canvas board 5X7
Very soon, we are going to navigate on the Lake of the Woods, and I have to remind me of the way to join our island!this year, I had to pass my boat license,I was able to have the examination on Internet, but they forgot to send the  card to my home, in france, so I only have temporary one, waiting for the right one in a few weeks.
Hope I won’t be arrested!


  1. You won't be arrested Syviane, a temporary card is just fine. I'm really excited for you and your trip here to Canada. Have a terrific time!!!
    Susan& Neil :)

  2. Thank you both, and we are eager to see the Quebec with the Gaspesie!But it's still a long way to PEI§

  3. Nice boat. I love your rich wood.

  4. Ma chère Sylviane pourquoi ne pas montrer votre adorable peinture lors d'un éventuel contrôle ? C'est le passeport idéal... Quelle est la personne qui pourrait mieux justifier que vous, être détentrice d'un permis ?
    Vous me charmez avec cette toile... Magnifique.
    J'espère que vous profiterez au mieux de vos vacances.
    Bises et merci de vos gentils passages sur mon blog. A bientôt

  5. Love this painting, Sylviane! Beautiful complimentary colors! Have a wonderful trip and lots of fun in Canada!

  6. Thank's everybody!We are now in Québec with a hot and damp weather, and stay here for 1 week, before joining the lake of the Woods;so, I won't post during this time, but I am eager to see what is happening with your new paintings!
    A bientôt!

  7. Ah qu'il est joli ce petit Riva !
    Je continue ma visite en rajoutant les liens manquants.
    Si vous pouviez le faire au fur et à mesure de vos posts, ce serait bien sympathique.
    Merci Sylviane.


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