Monday, August 23, 2010


pen on paper 8X8in
H. is a charming Briton woman who has been living in Winnipeg for about 30 years;she owns a nice cottage  high perched on a small rocky island, not far away from ours, on the lake.I have to say that for 20 years there was no cottage at all,(she slept in a tent) until the day she met a bear face to face, and decided to have a solid roof!
I took this picture when she came for dinner , and drew it by on a stormy day.
When it was our turn to go to hers, the lake was completely raging, I thought we were on the Titanic,maybe it was my last day, by miracle we could arrive and land, and by the way offer her the drawing, .


  1. Your drawing is very good. You have captured a wonderful expression on her face. Some drawings can be so flat, yours comes alive. I too, like to draw, which I do better than I paint. But you do both well.


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