Saturday, October 30, 2010

lazy morning

oil on canvas board 5"x7"
 This was painted for Rookie Painter ;
I like  windows, there is always a  part of mystery in them, you never know what to expect beyond.
The hard part for me was the bed: I did not know whether to describe, let in the dark, put colors .. This is a study, but I intend to continue on to another topic


  1. Very well done, Sylviane. I thought that photo was a real challenge! You did great job with it!

  2. I really like the composition on this. I like the curtains framing both the window and defining the edge of the painting. I think the bedding works because it anchors the painting and works like a base for the window. Nice work.

  3. Good job with the blankets on the bed and the window curtains! I have a hard time with fabric folds. I REALLY like this composition. Make more in this genre/mood it works well.

    Ken B.

  4. I also like your window very much. I too think windows can be a bit mysterious as the focal point of a painting. Your's tells me its morning and another day awaits just ahead. Very nice work, Sylviane. And thank you so very much for your kind comment on my apple painting.

  5. I love windowscapes too yours is lovely. I especially like how your curtains turned out.

  6. Beautiful atmosphere and color, wonderful light-filled window and great work on the topography of the blanket! Reminiscent of Bonnard and Vuillard . . . that wonderful, intimate, atmospheric feel.

  7. Thank you for your positives comments, they help!


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