Thursday, November 18, 2010


oil on canvas paper 8"x10"
This painting was done for PADT November challenge.It was not as easy as I thought, at the beginning, and I had to struggle! as usual…


  1. This is a stunning painting, Sylviane! As is Apples in your previous post. You have a very unique way of translating what you see into paint. So different from my use of paint but I do so appreciate your vision. Both strike me as almost like color x-rays where you penetrate into the light waves and energy of the objects you paint. Heat Wave has that same sensibility, as does An Apple a Day. I love your Leaves which are denser and more solid but retain that archetypal quality. As you go forward, I hope you'll continue to tap into the reality behind what's real. I hope I'm articulating this well. I really like your work!

  2. Lorraine, you can not imagine how your comment made me feel better, just when I decided on my return, to stop painting and to start drawing and graphics. I never had a comment so appreciative, thank you very much.
    And I also go regularly to your blog to admire your work.


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