Friday, November 26, 2010


acrylic on wood, 14"x15"
Just back from Paris, it was a week that I did not paint. I found this painting I had done in acrylic and gave my daughter Camille at Christmas 2006, so it's not a novelty! My daughter is still in migration, between Paris, London, and since more '1 year in Barcelona, it does not imply anything with her.
So I installed these 2 women in my bathroom, where they are a most beautiful effect, (although I now see faults that were unknown to me at this time), against a wall rather dark gray.
It was a reproduction of a painting by Henri-Edmond Cross, a neo-impressionist 1816-1910.


  1. Isn't it a good thing that we can find errors in our earlier work? It means we are improving as artists and our vision is developing to see what we once could not. Though I find it frustrating that i like my old work less and less, it is a very positive sign! Your two woman are striking.

  2. Very nice, Sylviane! It sounds like it would be lovely against the dark gray walls.

    I feel the same way about my first paintings. I haven't been painting very long, but I can now see big errors in those. And I was pretty proud of them at the time!

  3. Your painting is full of light and beautiful colors.

  4. Beautiful! What you see as errors are not visible to me. You have been developing your unique vision for a long time . . . it's exciting to wonder where it will lead you . . .


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