Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where are my glasses?

DSC_0109 (800x591)
oil on canvas board 5"x 7"

This was  my recent entry for Rookie Painter;
It had been a long time since it was begun, but I had never finished;
December was very hectic with the move of my apartment in Paris, and now I am up to the neck in boxes and to finish, troubles with my computer, which is not nevertheless old (1year): unpleasant sites came every night, uninvited; I was obliged to restore the system, to reinstall it, thus I lost many data. 
But I now think of being on form to begin the year.Tomorrow,I am starting a painting course on line with Nel Jansen , and I am very eager to improve my skills!
All my wishes to everybody, you who make me a favour by  visiting my blog and leaving comments, which are  always welcome...


  1. This is great! I never know where my glasses are!

  2. Great job on these glasses. Not an easy subject.

  3. wonderful job on the shadow and reflections! Moving, holidays and computer troubles are always stressful, even more so when experienced at the same time. Here's wishing a peaceful and productive 2011!

  4. Hello Sylviane!
    This was not an easy composition to master, but you did it! Wonderful painting. I hope you have your life in order soon. Love the illustration of your boxes. Your life and mine are very much the same right now. Take care! Susan :)


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