Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chrysler Imperial

DSC_0019 (800x569)
Oil on board 5"x7"

I painted this car after a picture taken by Carol Marine, this talented painter everyone knows, for her new “DPW challenge”.You can imagine I was not the only one to participate!Have a look on the other ones!


  1. Very well done, reminds me of an old photo one finds on the bottom of a drawer, I really like the bus.

  2. Very nice painting, Sylviane. Your highlights and shadows are great. Perspective is perfect. Love it. (but tell Horst its not a bus. ;)

  3. Sylviane, congratulations for a great interpretation of the challenge! Well done!

  4. You did a really nice job on this car . . . great sense of perspective with the background pushed into the distance . . .

  5. Nice work. I'm getting ready to do my first classic car painting. I'm so excited to get started and now I'm inspired by your painting.


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