Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you like fuchsias?

P1010012 (416x632)
oil on canvas paper 5"x7"
I am aware I have no plant of fuchsia in my garden, although I like them, their little bells; so I am planning to grow them in April, I have to find a place in the half shade.
This was painted for Artistic sentiments, and will be sent by mail to a friend of mine, her birthday is the 28th of this month, she likes flowers.


  1. Moi aussi ma chère Sylviane j'aime les fuchsias, de par les couleurs et les formes...
    Belle tentative... Bisous

  2. I love fushias. I keep trying to grow them, but it is too hot and dry where I live.

  3. Very well done! When I lived in Seattle, Wa, we had wild fuschia growing in our yard. Not the type that people put in hanging baskets - more bushy. Also had wild bleeding hearts. Don't have them here in Arkansas. At least not wild.

    Ken B.


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