Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fresh eggs

oil on board 7"x10"
This week, we were asked for the  DPW challenge to paint a subject white on white.I took the picture given par Ann Feldman, because it pleased me.I have wanted to paint eggs for a long time. So, it's done!
Of course, here our eggs are not white, and I wanted to give   their right colour for two of them.I hope you 'll like them!


  1. Hello Sylviane:) Yes I do like it! The color of the eggs are almost real. The other soft colors are perfect. A very nice painting!

  2. I do like it , it is a beautiful composition. I never painted eggs, but actually i think it is a very interesting subject, also because there are so many different color of eggs. Beautiful still life Sylviane.

  3. I have never painted eggs either and here, for your first time, you did a very good job. The white egg looks very nice and the egg shell of the broken one is also spot on. Bravo, Sylviane!
    I do not see the button "reply" under people's comments here, on your blog. I clicked REPLY under your comment on my blog, did you receive that response?

  4. I think it is so challenging to get the translucency of egg shells, and you have done this magnificently, Sylviane! This is a lovely painting!


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