Wednesday, January 2, 2013


oil on board 6" x6"
Reference photo by Steve Evans
Sierra leone#3#

30 in 30 #1# Challenge

I jumped out of bed this morning with, on my mind, the desire to subscribe to the new challenge proposed by Leslie Saeta. It was late, but I hesitated because I will be absent a part of the  month, so I ' ll have to paint more than one painting a day while is because Leslie said: who will count your paintings? It's true , and at least it's a challenge!

So, I did it, followed the orders to subscribe, with a former painting which was on my blog , as a thumbnail. And what was my surprise to see that it was taken as number one of my 30 th painting.
I was full of shame, thinking that other people would think I 'd liked to cheat, so I remove it.
It's the reason why there is  a blue animal above my name.
And it was to notice that a lot of people have done as I did!
Well, never mind, there is my number one.
Ce matin ma première idée a été, au saut du lit, de m'inscrire pour le challenge de Leslie Saeta,; elle propose de peindre 30 tableaux en 30 jours.J'hésitais, car je vais m'absenter pour quelques temps à partir du milieu du mois, mais une phrase de Leslie m'a décidée: Qui ira compter vos peintures? En effet, l'essentiel est de participer, n'est ce pas?
Et hop, j'ai peint cette petite demoiselle dont j'avais la photo sous le coude , et pour demain je pense que ce sera une de ses cousines.


  1. Beautiful smile on this little face.
    Congratulations, glad you are up for the challenge also.

  2. C'est Genial et un excellent defi pour commencer l'année ... je t'envoie plein d'encouragements pour la suite.
    Si mon boulot ne me prenez pas une partie de mon temps, je m'y serais inscrite.
    Allez vas y!!! :-))

  3. I love her contagious smile, Sylviane. Good expression too, well done.

    Bonne et Heureuse Année 2013!

  4. You are off to a great beginning, Sylviane! Beautiful portrait!

  5. This is a lovely painting Sylviane! Loved the skin tones.

  6. AMAZING work. I look forward to #2

  7. i love the joy in your painting! Wonderful!

  8. Beautiful painting the smile! Thanks for your lovely comments about my Estuary painting. It is a lovely view each day!
    Happy painting!!

  9. Number one and you are off to a fantastic start! She is beautiful and her smile is contagious!

  10. Phenomenal, Sylviane! This popped out even as a tiny avatar - it is exceptional!

  11. I just left a comment, but it appears it may not have taken. Your painting is absolutely wonderful, Sylviane. Can't wait to see what you will do next.

  12. This is wonderful!!!! I need to jump on that challenge! Best wishes and keep it up!

  13. What a beautiful face! I will be checking in to see what you do next. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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