Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FLORE (in progress)

Back from our nice trip(in fact the castle was even better than expected), I began, inspired by an earlier challenge of DSFDF, this painting of a sculpture of Flora, the goddess of flowers and gardens.
For me it is quite a big one , 15x31 inches, on MDF and the purpose is to put it in an empty alcove in my garden.
I suppose it won't keep this green colour, I'd like to find the colour of old stone, with some greenish stains.And the difficulty is on her right arm.
Apparently it is a shotcut, but it looks like a stump, or that it has been broken.I am wondering what to do with that.Have I to do the same, or imagine a complete hand?
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  1. Hi,
    I like your painting style, it has a freshness to it, unique. I like the girl with the long legs she looks finished to me.

  2. Thanks a lot, Diana, for your nice comment, it is appreciated.


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