Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Le Golfe de Marseille

acrylic on board 7,5X9,5

I painted this seascape for the Following the Masters third challenge.
It is after Le golfe de Marseille vu de l'Estaque by Cézanne, about 1885, in the post-impressionnist period.The original can be seen at New York City, at the Metropolitan Museum.
I like Cézanne's painting, which shows us the Provence's light and the stone's heat with the ochers and blues. At l'Estaque he said"I want to make the perspective by color alone".
I enjoyed working on it, maybe I should have gone on ,but there was the deadline!

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  1. Many thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Keep up your painting.

  2. I love it! Makes me want to visit there. I appreciate your comment on my landscape. I just felt like painting something totally different.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind and words to me about my Dad's passing, I really appreciate it.

    Thank you also for your kind words about my painting, I'm glad you like my watercolors! I also like your version of the veggies, as well. The close-up effect works great! Your work overall is beautiful!

    I was at the Met in NYC just last Sunday, I think you are doing a wonderful job following the masters! Stay well and stay in touch! and yes, you can write to me in French! I don't know if I can answer to you in French as well, but I have no problem reading it!!

  4. Great choice! Love Cezanne and your rendition is so well done.

  5. Wonderful rendition of Cezanne - one of my favourite painters.

  6. Great job on the Cezanne! You paint beautifully for a relative beginner!! Keep at it and I'm so jealous for your location!!!

  7. Hi Sylviane - I love your bold colors and strong lines. You paint confidently. And your painting of packing for vacation, so funny, we can all relate to that. That one is my favorite.

  8. tHANKS to eveybody!
    It is a little hard now to follow the things,but I don't forget you!

  9. ;tHE LAST COMMENT was not fromp Alan, who is ùys huèsband, but I"d had badly signed my post:


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