Monday, June 15, 2009


We are packing!

gouache 9,5x12

A week to wait...We are leaving home to go to the Lake of The Woods, Ontario, Canada, for nearly 3 months.I am not sure we'll be able to be connected on Internet, we'll see on situ, so it'll be the surprise!

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  1. Three months without hearing from you? Three months without internet? When we moved to our new house we were without internet for three WEEKS. We had to drive into town to find a WIFI connection - almost always s-l-o-w!

    Enjoy your trip - I hope it's pleasure, not work!

    Ken B.
    PS I like your painting!

  2. I like your painting too, have a great time in Ontario,I hope will have a good trip Bon Voyage!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, Ken and Diana, it is so appreciated!
    I think that the fact to be observed obliged me to improve my painting from the beginning, last october.
    If I had not those deadlines, this blog, I'd stop the painting before it was really done.
    So, thanks for your encouragements!

  4. I love this! It has both a touch of reality and HUMOR! You have a great style and work well with color.

    Enjoy your trip - I know you'll manage to stay connected - we were gone to AU and NZ for a month and found a way to get on everyday.

    PS: I've been to Bordeaux - it's a beautiful area where you live. and thanks for following my blog

  5. Great job, great humor. Thanks for the nice posts on my blog

  6. Had to laugh when I saw this. That stack of bags tells the entire story. Really nice, creative painting!

  7. Great painting. The whole trip in one painting.
    3 months should give you a lot of painting time. Will look forward to some wonderful stuff.

  8. Haven't been to your blog for quite a while - sorry about that, but it only due to lack of time not interest!
    Love this painting! And I agree to what the others have said about it.
    Have lovely time in Canada - I am sooo envious!

  9. I really like this painting! Well done! Whimsical..I like that word.

  10. What a wonderful, fun-filled painting! Have a great adventure!


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