Sunday, January 10, 2010

the singer

oil on paper 6x8
I tackled this portrait for several days.
Someone recently wrote John Sargent said that if we were aware of a mistake in the proportions, we ought to start from scratch.
I decided to do the opposite, and see what would happen, and learn.
The nose was hard to paint, I did not want to do it too big.But, after a change, it was too small, and the space between the nose and the mouth was too short..The eyes were too spread apart, so I had to narrow it.
Now, the skin tone is not good, so I have to improve it and so on.
Well, of course, it is better to be right from the departure, I would’t have wasted all this time, but I have learned from my mistakes.
And, it is not finish!


  1. Ha, it sounds like me with portraits. Still, I like where it is going. The eyes are very striking.

  2. This is a very expressive portrait!
    Actually, I even prefer this one to the other version.

  3. Tres belle, Sylviane! Pour moi ce visage a l'air d'etre rendu par une main experte. La peau et les yeux specialement.


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