Tuesday, January 5, 2010


oil on Yupo, 6x8
in, 15x20cm
I painted this one yesterday, after Henri Edmond Cross, with his pointillist manner.
Yupo paper is quite new for me.
  I read about it last year. Apparently, it was an odd support: you could mix  water and dishwashing  liquid and get nice effects in  watercolour;
so, I bought it for gouache,but was not pleased with the result. I suppose I am not fond of impredicable things
This month, I tried again with oils, deciding to cover the surface with a layer of black acrylic,let it drying, and then paint.
it gives a smooth surface, easy to work with.; I will use it now, starting with small pieces (1/2 sheet, e.i. 6x7in).
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  1. Sylviane, thanks for calling our attention to this French Old Master! You did a wonderful job with "The Cliff" and Cross would be proud!

    We appreciate your sharing your experiments with yupo! You have inspired me to pull out a sheet and play with it again!

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  3. Merci pour vos commentaires si gentilles. Vos peintures sont tres bien faites. J'etais professeur de francais il y a long. Je parle espagnole. C'est ma langue maternelle. Anyway, I love your paintings and the abstract quality of this particular one. A bientot. Silvia

  4. It's always great to try new avenues of creation...your painting turned out great!


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