Friday, February 19, 2010

The 3 oranges

oil on board 10x12in (24x30cm)
This is my submission for the first  challenge of Rookiepainter, a new blog to which I send good luck wishes.
The striking photo featured  3 oranges- we were told we could make changes , so I added a jug
Strangely, I was unable to paint from the original photo and had to use real oranges and jug.
I failed to obtain the jug’s celadon hue, and a touch too much Prussian blue turned it blue-which I found I liked.I’ll probably change  the picture on the upper right side, but to what colour?


  1. I, too, have discovered Rookie Pinter, and might give this a shot...your entry is great! Stop by my blog and pick up the award I left for you!

  2. Hi! Found you through Rookie Painter - what did you not like about painting from the photo? Did you find it hard to be free/expressive from a photo?-

    I like that you took the initiative to set up your own still life based on that photo it's working! The painting looks good and wouldn't have existed w/out the inspiration of the photo or the challenge -
    I also like that you added a blue jug, smart color with the oranges and the overall color is working well, it's a muted color palette - what color to change the red painting in the corner? hmmm? I'm partial to a muted/earth toned purple? Anyone else? I do think the red might draw one's eye up and right out of that painting, but it's important to have something there, agreed.

  3. Thank you very much , Ann & Lisa!
    Lisa, I'd liked the photo, but I don't know why, it was impossible to print it, so I was obliged to build my own still life, of course it was easy..

  4. This is really nice! I like the abstract quality of it. I agree though in regard to the red in the corner - it distracts from the main picture. I would probably even take it out completely and see what that looks like - might not work of course. Good luck with it!

  5. I also discovered your work through Rookie Painter.
    We thank you Karin and Jen!
    When admiring your painting, Sylviane, I was reminded of Cezanne's 'Apples and Oranges' with how you handled the paint within the oranges and Matisse's 'Still Life with Geraniums' with the prussian blues. I enjoy the strong graphic quality of your paintings.

  6. Sylviane, J'aime beaucoup votre dessin (desole si j'oublie le mot correct, il y a longtemps depuis que j'emplois la langue en converstation! meme pour le grammaire) ...personallement, j'aime le rouge au coin, il me fait penser de quelque chose du chine et ajout une mystere au composition. aussi j'aime les couleurs et le forme du . i look forward to more paintings to see!

  7. I loved your interpretation of the challenge. It too reminded me of Cezanne. Very nice choice of color.
    Thanks for your comment on my submission.


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