Sunday, April 25, 2010

CITROEN TRACTION -in process, because it is needing ! -

oil on canvas board, 5x7in
we saw this car last month,in the neighbourhood, it was an opportunity to take a picture  for painting. I think it needs some improvements, but I am going to take a break, for the blog, leaving in 2 days to Portugal for a leisure  and lazy fortnight.bye, bye!


  1. i love it! the red is a great backdrop!

  2. Oh.. a fortnight in Portugal! good! good!

  3. What a good "artist's eye" you have! You find wonderful subjects and paint them superbly! The red does really provide a perfect background! Enjoy Portugal!

  4. thanks, Elaine & Rosemary, I'll have a thought for you!

  5. Hi! I like this Citroen painting very much! It's different and it's well done enough, already! :-) But being a painter I understand that you NEED to "adjust" something.

    Ken B.


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