Saturday, May 15, 2010


oil on board 4x6in
“The Renault 4CV is a small French car built between 1946 and 1961. Intended by its creators to be a “people’s car”, it was inspired by the original Volkswagen Beetle and was the first French car to sell over 1 million units. Conceived during German occupation, the design team envisioned something suitable for the economically difficult years expected to follow the war”.
I finished painting this car   just on time for offering it to my son, for his birthday.He  is fond of cars even if I am not sure of his taste for this one; I had to struggle with all the small mandatory details.Now it is done!


  1. How lucky your son is to receive such a gorgeous and fun painting. In fact I believe anyone would be happy and honored to receive such a gift. Love this!

  2. Well Done! Older cars are (I believe) more difficult to paint than new cars because the "old" cars are more rounded where newer cars are more angular. I would have recognized your car as a Renault right away! :-)

    If your son doesn't appreciate the painting, I know an old guy in the U.S. that would! :-)

    Ken B.

  3. Thank you very much, Sheila and Ken for your encouragements, they help me!

  4. Fantastic! Love the color and the perspective of the car. Your son will love it!! :-)

  5. Love it! And I'm sure your son will too! Somehow you managed to give this little car "personality"
    It appears to be smiling!

  6. I love the car. Reminds me of the Renault Dauphine we had and and drove from California to Texas in 1959. We had just come back from the Philippines. There were five of us - my older brother who was tall and lankey, me and my little sister and mom and dad - it was tight. People took a second look at us especially since was almost as long as the car was wide - it was a Philippine license plate that said Pampanga Philippines - you could see the people mouthing the words and just gawking at the car being so overfilled. WOW what wonderful memories - thanks for bringing them back to me!

    BTW - thanks for visint my blog ;-)

  7. Ouahh!!! superbe
    c'est un vrai coup de coeur cette peinture , j'adoore et c'est comme la madeleine de Proust : ça a le gout de mon enfance, nous avions la même ;-)

  8. Merci, ça fait drôle decrevoir cette peinture 2 ans après...


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