Sunday, May 16, 2010


oil on canvas paper
It is my 1st painting from my return from Portugal;I am not used to painting flowers.It was pleasant, and I had to rush, the deadline is the 17th may.It is for ROOKIE PAINTER;
Until now, I did not sign very much my paintings, my name, Sylviane Le Cann, being so long. So, I thought about this abreviation, Sylca, what about it?


  1. Keep "rushing" your work if this painting of tulips was "rushed". Really good job! I labored over my entry and I think that it shows. :-( (I don't do flowers very well.)

    I like your signature! Simple and unique. A little mysterious as well! :-)

    Ken B.

  2. Tellement frais cette peinture aux tulipes...

  3. Sylca is fine, but Slyviane Le Cann sounds so French and sexy! I'd practice writing it on two lines so you would be comfortable to do it on your paintings.

    Le Cann

    I do the same and it takes less room and seems less invasive on the canvas.

  4. I love the tulips you painted, and like Ken said, if this is rushed it really doesn't show. Thank you for visiting my blog and I also like your new signature. Wish I could find something so elegant with my two names!


  5. Your tulip painting is lovely! You certainly can't tell it was rushed.

    I agree with Susan about your signature. I love your full name!

  6. I like your signature it is short and simple. The painting is also really nice, for it being a quick painting it has a lot of life to it hope you do well in the show! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and also voting for me I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

  7. Great job, Sylviane! Wonderful color palette!

    Sylca is nice if you are happier with it - but - I agree with Susan and Linda. Your name is so beautiful, my vote is for using your full name. My name is long too, and I would like to shorten it so I totally understand how difficult signing small paintings can be!

  8. I was moved with your concern about my signature, and I suppose I'll follow your advice, keeping my name;thank you very much,I feel so grateful to have your friendship!


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