Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I painted this for ADNW with pleasure, but I don’t know why, I had to struggle with the snapshot,and the result is not quite good.Well, there was also some distortion, because I have to paint after my screen(here, I have not a printer), and it is hard, in a sense, when I’d wanted to enlarge it, a part was missing, and so on..The more difficult for me was that left light.But I liked the yellow color.


  1. I like all the blue and yellow - makes a great color combination. Well done!

  2. A very exciting painting. Vibrant color and complementary scheme. Beautiful.

  3. I really like this painting. I understand the struggle of which you speak. Most times I try to forget the subject matter and paint shapes. For me, it works.

    I stop by here now and again but have never commented. I am a big fan of what you do. Just wanted to tell you that.


Thank you for your comment!