Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ontario peaches

oil on canvas board 6"X6"
I started to paint those peaches this morning, the  last day to post it to Rookie Painter;I had bought 3 peaches at the market, but only 2 hold on this small plate.I was in the verandah, there are not windows, only screens;after a while, 2 people paddling in a canoe hailed and whistled  for help;when we got down, it was in fact a small motorboat with gas missing…
A moment later, suddenly, a storm came;for 20mn everything was upside down,wind, rain, I was obliged to put inside peaches, brushes, paint…
When I was able to put again my painting on the easel, of course the shadows were not the same, I did not remember the place of the peaches… Pictures are so convenient!
Maybe it’s not finish, but it will be the object of another painting…

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