Monday, October 4, 2010

Madame Tutli-Putli (2,continued)

As I announced in my previous post, here is the version integral of the  short Film. Everyone can interpreter, at his convenience!It’s a remarkably well done film, which required more than 2 years of work, when they spent  14 hours  a day, in a dark room , without week end, that is admirable for young people.I traveled on this train last year between Toronto and Winnipeg for 2 nights. The dark night, this string of big fir trees endless here makes the atmosphere heavy and murky.

For fans of thrillers!


  1. I watched this film and I want to watch it again. It's disturbing, but I liked it anyway. The story is haunting and can be interpreted so many ways. The music added so much to the video. I'm going to think more about what is going on as I watch it a second time. I may need to watch it more than twice to untangle the many thoughts I have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Je ne connaissais pas et j'ai trouvé fascinant...

  3. Yes, I think it requires several visualizations.
    Did she had a dream?what happens at the end?


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