Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got a light?

oil on canvas board 6"x6"
 This was painted for DPW challenge this week, we were allowed to use only 2 colors, burnt sienna, ultramarine + white.
Those days, with the onterdiction to smoke, I find strange when I see people smoking, although I used to smoke myself, a long time ago.I am so glad to be delivered from this funest habit!


  1. Un challenge n'est-ce pas que la restriction de couleur...?
    Il est réussi en ce qui vous concerne, bravo Sylviane et gros bisous.

  2. Really nice, Sylviane! It has your shimmery, shiny x-ray feel!

  3. Oh, cela s'est avéré soooooo Nice. Vous devriez être très fiers.

  4. Good job on the zippo lighter. Also on quitting smoking. I also quit several years ago. Painting is a much better habit.

  5. Very nice job on this challenge, Sylviane! It's hard to believe you had only two colors! You really achieved the look of the the metal on the lighter. And you are right about smoking. I don't know anyone who even owns a lighter anymore.


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