Friday, April 8, 2011

After having plodded along for ages…

oil on board 8"x10"
 It was painted for DPW challenge of this week.I wanted to do a quick painting, and, as often, I reworked, and reworked..
As I wanted to use several purples ( I am usually inclined to give this color to  my roads ) , I did a golden acrylic under painting.I changed a lot of times the trees in the background: at the beginning they were too strong, then too pale…I wanted to use a recipe with French ultramarine, violet, viridian, white, before noticing at the end that my green was not a viridian(which is an equal combination of blue and green), so the result was not what I expected.
My(other) bête noire was the tree in the foreground, I have to learn about those trees!
In  any case, I had fun to paint that.


  1. This is lovely, Sylviane! I really like the contrast between the deep shadows and the bright sunlight. The shadows are beautiful.

    I understand about the painting not matching the vision in your head!

  2. Thank's, and sorry for the bad picture..

  3. Though it may not match the vision in your head and though you may have reworked it many times, the end result is a very lovely painting with great atmosphere and mood.


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