Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cross swords

oil on canvas 6"x6"
 This painting was done for PADT  challenge.
For once, I gave a new try to my Artisan  water mixable oils.
When I begun  painting with oil (late 2009), I used them, but was not satisfied, and bought "normal" oil painting.
This time, I was quite glad with Artisan, but I have not a very large amount of colors, so it's restricting, but it was ok for the cherries!


  1. Sylviane thanks for your comment, it's very kind. I've been watching your blogs. I like the landscape "road trip" , your use of similar colors in blue, it's very pleasent. If you are fond of digital paint, I recommend you to see this web:, his paintings are made on digital tablet and they are almost as 2 mts. On youtuve it can see again.

  2. Lovely... love the simplicity!
    Nice job with the shading and highlights.


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