Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road trip

oil on canvas paper 6"x8"
 This was the second landscape  proposed by Carol Marine for her  previous DPW challenge.It was another study about the greens, mainly with phtalo green (I have a huge tube), light yellow, indigo.I painted it with brushes first, then with a knife. The moment I took the picture, the left side on the bottom was not quite dry, due to the thickness of the paint…


  1. I like the surreal, almost abstract quality. The blues and greens are wonderful. I love your technique in this painting.

  2. Oh... C'est magnifique. Honnêtement, je croyais que c'était une photo que tu avais retravaillé. L'effet de la route est très réaliste et le mouvement est partout. Bravo !

  3. This is lovely, Sylviane. I like the bright blues and greens you added. It has a spring-like quality.

    I've never tried pthalo green, but that is the color of green that my new book recommends. She says that it mixes best with other colors. I am going to try it this week. I will be painting flowers and the leaves will be a good test.

  4. Very beautiful, Sylviane! You have a unique way of seeing and translating to paint. Really striking!


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