Sunday, May 8, 2011

Were you a guest?

oil on canvas 4"x4"
It was painted for DPW challenge.Although it was not the first time I did a self portrait, it was a struggle , because  I was obliged to paint with a mirror , having no recent picture . So, I chose to wear a hat I never had!I was inspired by the princely wedding I watched last week, with those  crazy hats,since I was among the third of the planet who watched the princely wedding last week...


  1. Love this, Sylviane. What a great hat! You'd have fit right in at the wedding!

  2. I love all the colors you used for your self portrait. And that hat looks very chic. I have never worn hat because I hate it when it is blown off my head, aside from the fact that my hair is messed up. :)

  3. Fun portrait, Sylviane. You almost look like member of the Royal Family.

  4. You certainly look as though you were right there at the Royal function! Love this colorful self portrait!


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