Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am not alone…

DSC_0003 (563x800)
oil on board 7"x5"
Those last days werent very productive..In fact, April was a gardening month, and May so hot!The temperature is very high here for the season (30° today), everything is very dry, I start to feel guilty when I have to water my flowers, luckily we own a well.
So, a lot of bad excuses for no blogging!
I painted this cat twice for DPW, when I compare with the other paintings, I am not satisfied, they are so nice! 
This one was painted with Artisan oils miscible with water.


  1. Don't be hard on yourself, Sylvianne. I like your cat's expression. Nice job.

  2. I like your cat a lot! When I compare the one I submitted to the challenge with the others, I feel the same as you do -- there's so much talent out there!

  3. I am so behind with my gardening - maybe I should garden more & blog less! Love your cat - the simplicity is perfect, and the expression is great! I agree with Millie - you are being too hard on yourself.

  4. J'approuve Nan, tu es trop sévère avec toi. J'adore ce chat, ce choix du "gros plan" et cette touche de rouge qui animale l'animal ! Bravo Sylviane! En ce qui concerne la chaleur, je suis d'accord avec toi, vraiment trop les fleurs vont souffrir...


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