Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burnt Sienna

At the beginning, I intended , as a title, to put the first name of this man with an initial, in case someone could recognize him;he is a man I like to listen quite everyday, on Radio Classique .But now, watching his face, I think he does not look like him..Anyway, among people listening  to him, a lot don't know his face;and a lot don't know my blog..
I painted this burnt sienna portrait for DPW challenge, which run a few weeks ago, of course I am greatly late.I am just aware, reading again Carol Marine's instructions,(I like her instructions) she asked for burnt umber, but I never had this one.So, as usual, I overworked this portrait;if it was acceptable after one hour, maybe after 4 or more, the dark values are too dark;well, it's done, and I like the feeling, when I am  slowly drawing or painting a portrait, to gradually learn about the model , understand his character.


  1. Sylviane, this is a nice sketch. I disagree that the values are too dark. I think it adds drama to your portrait. But I do understand about working and then over-working! I do that all the time.

  2. I do not know him, but the portrait looks awesome. Perhaps, I should try to do a monochrome portrait too, for it does look quite nice.


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