Friday, June 24, 2011

Watermelon and bowl

oil on canvas paper 5"x7"
It was  required, in the DPW challenge of this week, to paint after a picture, upside down.In fact, most of the time, I used to do that;I learned this technique, a long time ago, in Betty Edwards's books, and I like it.When I am not sure about my drawing, I turn my painting for checking it, and  go on for a while, upside down, I find it funny.


  1. I saw the reference photo for this challenge and thought it was quite difficult! I think you did an excellent job. I've never painted an upside down painting, but I do sometimes turn my canvas upside down to correct a drawing error. Don't know why that works!

  2. You did a really nice job here Sylviane! It looks rather difficult to me as well, but I may have to give it a go!

  3. Oh I love this. You did an excellent job on the bowl, very pretty. How I wanted to do this challenge so badly, but am now out of town, until two weeks later :-(
    Thank you for your comment under my recent painting of the Pulis dogs. Kristin Espinasse had an answer for you there. I hope you will "participate" in her blog, bringing joy to us "Francophiles" :0)
    Bonne journée, Sylviane!

  4. You did such a beautiful rendition of this. Bravo!

  5. Your experience in painting upside down has really helped you with this beautiful panting!. Very well done!


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