Thursday, August 11, 2011

No coffee any more

oil on paper 7"x5"
I have been suppressing coffee for quite one month now, even if I was not a fervent of tea.I think it’s better for health.
So I painted this one for DPW challenge;the subject ? paint your favorite mug.It’s not my favorite, but one of those I have here at the Lake.It was not a small thing to do this work!We were said to go to learn how to paint an ellipse.
I followed the consigns, ok for the rectangle, the dots, etc., but after?how to adapt this ellipse to the rest of the body, and what does determine the size of the ellipse, why does my cup look bended?
I did it in several sequences, and the last time, I forgot to notice I’ve changed of table, and this one was lower, that is not the same thing for an ellipse..
I guess I have to work again on the ellipses, but not this one, it’s enough!


  1. I gave up coffee a few years ago when I was working. I noticed that at about 10 o'clock every morning my hands would be shaking. So I switched to tea. I'm sitting here drinking my tea and looking at your blog.

    I enjoyed your post about the challenge of the ellipse. Funny. Not for you maybe, because of your frustrations. But a good job on this.

  2. Apparemment, les ellipses t'ont donné du fil à retordre ! Je trouve ta tasse très réussie. Et puis tu sais dans ce genre de circonstance, il faut se consoler et penser à tous ces artistes célébres qui n'avaient pas toujours le compas dans l'oeil et qui ont fait des merveilles !

  3. Thank you, Virginia, it's kind from you, as always!
    In fact, I am not pleased with my paintings here;I have no cad. red, I am aware it's essential, at least for me, I have a ruby red, it's awful, and more, it's burst, it stains everything.
    I dd not want to be overloaded in the plane, as I left home for 2 months. We are at the Lake until the end of the month, then have a trip through the Canadian Rockies, come back to France on Sept. 20th.A nice program!

  4. I don't know what happens, Blogger doesn't allow me to reply on my own blog!

  5. Merci, Viviane, pour ta consolation!

  6. Hahaha I read the first few comments and I said to myself why Sylviane remained ...anonymous. Then I got the answer below Anonymous :0)
    I salute you for painting even while away from home. I can never do that, especially if I do not have all my painting gears with me. Well Sylviane, I know you can do much better, just think of it as an exercise to practice and keep painting.
    Have fun at the Lake and through the Canadian Rockies.

  7. Sawasdee ka *-*
    I come to visit you blog naka

  8. Hope you are having a fabulous vacation, Sylviane! I can' imagine starting the morning without coffee! So glad you are painting while traveling!

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  10. Well even tho not your favorite I love it. The teabag just adds a nice touch.


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