Friday, August 5, 2011

The window sill

oil on paper 7"x9"
 I painted this for DPW this week.We were given this picture in black and white, and we had to paint the scene in color, respecting the values.
My pot is too big,m
aybe the colors are  somber, but I enjoyed doing this exercise.
I have been arrived at the Lake of the Woods, Ontario, for one week now.We have a nice weather, although unpredictable, for example this morning at 11.00 am: suddenly a thunder storm  burst, with a black sky .We were obliged to tidy up everything on the porch, fold the parasol, shut the windows..
It lasted about 30mn, and everything is ok now, the sun shines, sunglasses and parasol are compulsory.Maybe you know this kind of weather, but at home, in France, it’s not usual.
Here are some pictures taken yesterday from our terrace, at the twilight.”crépuscule

DSCF0299We have a lovely landscape ‘, I don’t know why I’ve  never painted it…


  1. I am so impressed with this - I think it had to be a difficult challenge, and you have done a wonderful rendition - beautiful!

  2. Lovely impressionistic touch! And the wonderful landscape around you? You WILL paint them one day, your area grows on you and becomes easy after a while!

  3. Oh wow Sylviane, very nice! I imagine it difficult since I have never tried to paint from a black and white photo before.

  4. Love your rendition of the challenge.

  5. J'aime beaucoup cette toile avec une difficulté évidente. J'aime la façon dont tu as réalisé les vitres, les tons et les coups de pinceaux. A bientôt, Sylviane.

  6. Your painting is lovely, Sylviane! I especially like the impressionistic flowers. I could use a lesson in that. The views of the lake look wonderful. I hope you enjoy your stay. How long will you be there?


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