Saturday, November 19, 2011

I painted this one for DPW challenge.
I wore those shoes during my years in Paris, to go to work, maybe 10 years ago.I lost the habit to use this kind of shoes, as I've been living in the country, now., and my style of life have changed!


  1. I love these shoes, Sylviane! Really great job!

    I don't wear high heeled shoes anymore, either, not since I retired. I like my comfort too much!

  2. J'aime énormément !!! Ces souliers semblent raconter toute une histoire... :D

  3. I too gave up this style of shoe not because I wanted to though. I have to make a living and can't do it in a cast. Great job on this painting.

  4. Lovely rendering of the shoes, Sylviane. I used to own similar square-toed escarpins too.

  5. I very much like the simplicity of this painting, Sylviane. Definitely a case of "less is more"! After my 15 years of country living without them, I immensly enjoy wearing elegant shoes again in the city now. Unfortunately though, I can't do a lot of walking in them anymore....
    Have a lovely Christmas!


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