Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A blue shirt, for the moment.

oil on paper 7"x5"
This man was quietly sitting on the shore of Harrison Lake, BC;
we spent one night in late September at Hot Springs Resort, enjoyed the warm swimming pool (38-40°), " an ideal temperature for promoting the relief of general aches and stress".It's a very nice place, at 95km from Vancouver dowtown..
I painted it for DPW,we were asked to painted someone seated.I cropped my picture, there were another man by him;then  I cropped my painting, because the lake was too important , with islands in the distance, and nothing on the water...for the moment I had better showing only a part of it..
I  noticed that it was too blue, so I decided to change the shirt's color.It's a pity, because  the beginning was promising, and I was enthusiast!
I don't want to admit defeat, so maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post it with a new shirt!

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