Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy hour

OIL 5"x7"
Here is my corrected version of this man watching the lake.It will be the last one, I have to do something else, now!


  1. I liked your study in blue. But I like the orange shirt and composition of this one too. Nice work.

  2. I too liked the one in blue ... the yellow shirt is very striking. Nice seeing the two to compare.

  3. Sylviane I really like both of these 'from behind' paintings, they show two different moods, but both great! xx

  4. J'aime bien ce jeu de bleu, orange, et vert. Une très bonne combinaison de couleurs dans le paysage, qui me transmet un moment calme et un sentiment de sérénité.
    Bisous dès l'Espagne

  5. Very nice painting. I loved seeing both versions. I hope it was two different paintings because even though one was predominantly blue, they both convey such different moods.


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