Sunday, October 28, 2012

Really? Vraiment?

oil on board 5" x 7"
This poor dog was walking along the street of our little town the other day; as it is short-legged, I'd almost driven over it !
Ce pauvre chien marchait le long de la rue dans notre petite ville, l'autre jour; comme il est court sur pattes, j'ai failli ne pas le voir et rouler dessus!


  1. Hello Sylviane:) So you are a dog owner now? :) I love these bessets and you made a beautiful painting of him! The eyes are exact as they are. Lovely and cute!

  2. I am not lucky enough to have a dog, because spending several months of the year abroad with a very long journey by plane and boat would be be too stressful for a poor animal. But I love them!
    Tkank you, Renate, foy your concern.

  3. Love your paintings, you give to everything such a wonderful character!


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