Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After the rain

For several days it has been raining
, and it is dirty before the house.
There was a door there, until this year, and we walled it, because it was useless.
It is the place where I 'd like to put the trompe l'oeil, representing the sculpture Flora, but I have to wait the fall to finish it.


  1. Hi Sylviane. I thought this was a painting! It's a beutiful photo - one that want to be a painting. :-)

    I'll keep looking to see how your trompe l'oeil, representing the sculpture Flora progresses.

    Ken B.

  2. I won't finish Flora before the fall, because I am going to leave home in a week, until mid september,and anyway this poor needs a total relooking, she is too green!
    For the moment, I am painting some fun thing in gouache, and a landscape after Cezanne, for "followings the Masters".
    Thanks for dropping here, Ken.

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