Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy hour

OIL 6"x10"
This tiger will never reach this pond in the jungle, for he was born and lives in a zoo.I preferred, for my painting, to suggest another living environment.
The original picture was supplied by Barb Benik,for her february's chalenge in Studio Atelier.
I am going to make a break in my paintings, we are packing to go to Sevilla, Spain, for a 15 days stay, and I leave my brushes at home, for once.(If I don't change my mind before our departure, tomorrow morning!).
So, see you soon!


  1. Je pense que tu as déjà capturé l'âme de l'animal sauvage, sa présence majestueuse, son allure élégante, son regard décidé, pénétrant...Il faut attendre ton travail fini, mais tout est ici!

    Gros bisous, Silviane

  2. You finished your tiger, which is lovely, right in the nick of time! Have a fantastic trip!

  3. Wish you a great trip ! Love your tiger, and I like the fact that you put him in a jungle surrounding.

  4. Belle peinture, ton tigre est particulièrement bien réussi.
    Bon voyage, amuse-toi bien ! Bisous


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